Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Teal and chrome

A few weeks ago a new H&M opened near me, and having always been a sucker for absolutely everything they sell, clothes, accessories and make up, I got down there as soon as i could to have a good rummage around.

And i wasn't disappointed, I managed to buy some nice stuff, and some presents for people. But more importantly, a nice present for me, a new bottle of nail polish.

I love the colours they do at H&M, they sell a range of really great gloss colours that have a really nice finish and are a really good price too at around £3

And this is the look i went for

I'm not sure of the name of the teal colour i've used, I'm pretty sure it was moody model but apart from the lack of name, you can see it is a dark blue-green teal colour. I've done a thin tip on all nails with Stargazer 232 chrome, which i LOVE, it's one of the best chrome effect polishes i've ever bought. Although it isn't a true chrome effect, it's as close as you can get with a nail polish. If you want a real chrome effect, there are nail stickers you can buy, or you can ask for it at a salon, and they can usually do this effect for you.

I'm growing my nails right now, and i know they aren't very long, but i'm so excited that they are finally starting to look healthy as they grow. I had acrylic nails on for about 6 weeks back in september/october and my nails have only just fully recovered from the damage, so watch out for acrylics, there is an after effect to them! beauty comes at a price :)



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