Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Nubar Flake Nail polish

I bought this online weeks ago, and I was pretty excited when it arrived yesterday. I know, a little sad, but i've been pining after this stuff for months, and finally found it somewhere where it was decent price. I bought it on feelunique.com for £6.80, they do free world wide shipping, while the price was the same as usual, just having free shipping is enough for me.

So this is the polish I'm talking about

Hopefully you can see why I'm so crazy about it. It's a clear polish full of little flakes of glitter, which change from blues and greens to reds and oranges in different lights and at different angles. It looks so gorgeous over this turquoise polish, but it's really difficult to capture the effect on camera while its on my nails. However, the photos of the polish in the bottle really show the great effect this stuff has.

It doesn't have a proper name, just nubar 2010 and a little code number.

In the shade, it takes on more warm colours, reds, yellows and oranges.

A few comments on the bottle, which is brilliant. The top is great, perfect to hold on to and makes it so much easier to paint the nails on my right hand which is always troublesome. In the bottle there are a couple of those little metal balls for mixing which is also really good, as I've definitely noticed that my polishes without those little guys always dry up first and have to be thrown away. I also just love then general shape, it's such a pretty bottle, and while not great for taking up space, I can deal with it.

So that's that, my new favourite polish for this winter. I really want to try it over white polish, or nude and see how it turns out. As far as i've tried with swatches and stuff, it looks best over blues and greens as with warm colours it tends to be difficult to see. In the pictures above I've used one coat, but you can build it up with 2 or 3 coats which i've done since and it looks great. Leave a comment if you want to know anything else.



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