Thursday, 16 December 2010

Barry M and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri topcoat!

I went shopping today and brought home lots of goodies! all of which i would recommend, I got:

  • soft lips french vanilla lip balm- it comes in a longish tube, its sort of in a lipstick form, which i really like and much prefer over those little pots you have to stick your finger in. It's really moisturising and makes my lips feel super soft, which is good as im prone to getting chapped lips, and right now it's freezing and snowing out

  • Casual Matt colour lipstick by UNE natural beauty- It's a nice regular lip shade, with a really lovely matt finish. It's not so matt that it looks odd, but more like the texture of bare lips, which i like as i dont really like my lips to look too glossy or like i have anything on them. I have naturally pigmented lips, which a lot of people seem to envy but im not too fond of as it's so difficult to find any lipsticks that will lighten the shade without making them look weirdly grey

  • Maybelline expert wear blush in 62 rosewood- it's a nice peachy colour which is perfect for me, it looks natural and subtly and makes me look like i have nice naturally rosy cheeks, without looking too OTT

And finally, and product which actually fits in to this blog, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Topcoat, I bought this for £5.95 from Boots

I want to go straight in to saying that I'm IN LOVE with this product, it's actually amazing and all I've been looking for. You apply it as a normal topcoat basically, making sure your polish is sufficiently dry. But the magic happens when it starts to dry. It claims to dry in 30 seconds, and they are pretty much spot on. Within a minute of painting it on, my nail polish is completely dry with a nice glossy finish, its dry to touch and it wont dent, perfect as this is always the point when i ruin my nails. According to the packed it has an acrylic polymer complex, whatever that means, which is why it dries so fast and with such a good finish, and they do feel like acrylics. It also says it is chip resistant, and while i havent had the chance to really test this yet, I will in the near future do a full review on this product.

In the photo above, in case you're wondering, I'm wearing a Barry M polish. Unfortunately it doesnt have a name on it, I'm not sure if it just doesnt come with one, or if i've peeled the label off, but its a turquoise/light jade colour, and i adore it. Barry M polishes are really good, they retail for around £3 so are pretty inexpensive, but you get a fairly nice pigmented polish, for the most part they are 2 coaters, and they are about normal in terms of chip resistence.

Thanks for reading, if you have any thoughts or requests, let me know, leave a comment!



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