Sunday, 5 December 2010

Hey again

My second post on this blog, i just want to get this bad boy up and running :)

So i'm going to post a picture of my nails today, they aren't very interesting, i've done them for school

It's a vintage half moon, in a dark red

You can't really see the colour properly in this, its a dark red, maybe burgundy? which is a really great classic colour to do vintage styles in. It's simple yet looks really nice.

The polish i used is by a brand called 2true, it's a really good budget brand that you can find in Superdrug in the UK. I chose it because of the colour, but it's also really inexpensive (£1.99) and for such a small price, you're getting a decent product. With a top coat on, it's just as good as any other polish in the £5-8 range, so it's good stuff. They also do a really cool range of fluorescent colours, I've got the fluorescent pink, and it's one of my favourites. I did the half moon free hand this time, instead of using guides, so they may be a little squiggley, but i think it looks good :)

Sorry for the blury picture, I've learnt that holding a camera one handed, with the focus on, and trying to either keep it in focus on not blury is more difficult that you would expect, i can never hold it still.

If you want any further information, advice, or anything at all, leave a comment :)



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